Happy Thanksgiving!

 According to this video (click here to view it), it’s scientifically proven that saying “Thank You” makes people happier.  I believe it… And I guess the point of the video is to show that it happens in that order:  grateful first, happy later.  I’m grateful for my family, my friends, and my dog.  I’m also grateful for the small things that happen every day – the mailman giving my dog a treat, a friend calling just to check in, a coworker going above and beyond to do the best job ever.  I’ve turned out to be a pretty happy person, and I say “Thank you” a lot, so I guess that research is right for me!

I’ve always felt very grateful to be in the saddle.  I know how lucky I was to have had the chance to take riding lessons when I was little; to lease a pony during the summers; and to compete on the A circuit with a fantastic horse named Redsox.  Riding is terrific for the rider, but it can be a big strain on the rest of the family, so I am very grateful to have been given the chance to ride as a child.

I also appreciate that horses let us ride them.  As silly as that sounds, I often think how lucky we are that these magnificent animals let us lead them, ride them, jump them, bathe them, put clothes on them, trailer them, and more.  Partly, it’s because we tame them and train them and condition them to accept us.  But they don’t actually have to let us do anything, and some don’t – though I venture to say that a horse’s reluctance is generally our fault for not listening to them tell us that they are in pain, scared, overfaced, lonely, cold, hot, etc. jenn_pokey

So please remember to think about the big and little things for which you are grateful on Thanksgiving Day.  Then, whether it’s today or tomorrow or next week,  say Thank You to the people and the horses that make your life better.

Thanks for reading!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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Working in the horse industry can be chaotic.   Actually, that’s a huge understatement – being on the working side of the horseshow scene is much more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.  This horsey lifestyle consumes most hours of every day, most days of every week, and most weeks of every year.  You’re packing, unpacking, and repacking all the time.  You’re hopping from hotel to restaurant to show – week after week.  You’re dealing with the here-and-now while planning for the known and unknowns.  Meanwhile, your biggest job is making sure that the horses in your barn are happy and healthy.  You’re continually multitasking, and managing your business at home and on-the-go. cara_training
farm-trail November and December provide, for some, a bit of relief from this busy-busy-busy.  After indoors, but before winter circuits start, you may find a few moments to pause.  Take advantage of them!  Do something for yourself.  Whether you go to a spa, go out on the town, curl up by the fire, or exercise, do something that’s just for YOU.  Check in with friends and family.  Read a book or go to a movie.  And consider giving your horses a change of pace, too – turnout and trail rides can keep them fit while giving them a mental and physical break.

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