Meet Larysa Kern

Larysa Kern began her work with Stable Secretary in 2014. As a customer support extraordinaire, Larysa is probably the person that you will have the pleasure of talking to if you have a question about the service. Larysa receives a million gold stars of approval for her upbeat personality and welcoming demeanor. Her enthusiasm makes her a great fit for the Stable Secretary team.

Read on to learn more about Larysa, her journey to Stable Secretary, and some fun facts about her too!

Larysa and her horse, Tournado

How did you become involved in Stable Secretary?

Larysa: In 2014, I was working as an assistant trainer in Northern California. While at dinner with a friend one night, I had a “genius” idea for an app that would help manage stables. I told my friend the idea and she responded with, “Yeah, that already exists. It’s called Stable Secretary.” I went home and immediately emailed and asked if they needed any representation in California. Founder and CEO Kate Rice and I started talking and began working together within a month!

What is your individual role within the company?

Larysa: My role has changed over the years, as my life has made a 180 degree turn. Initially, I was titled as “Marketing Coordinator” and I worked with Kate to put together various marketing strategies and to implement them. I managed most of the social media and put together tutorial videos for the software as well. I did so while continuing to work as an assistant trainer — and I was also using Stable Secretary!

In 2016, I made the decision to go back to school. Kate has been absolutely amazing to keep me on while I finish my degree! Now, my position is mainly based in Customer Service, but I also still do most of the posting on our Facebook page. If you call Stable Secretary, there is a good chance you will talk with me!

Larysa spending time with a rescued foal while visiting Stable Secretary customer, Sterlling View Farm, LLC.

What is your favorite aspect of Stable Secretary?

Larysa: There are so many, but where to start is obvious; Kate Rice, the founder and CEO. Kate makes the company. She is so passionate about the product and really wants to help people. I swear, if she could provide the product for free just so she could help people with their horses, she would. Kate’s passion shows through the software. The program is constantly being updated to best serve every stable’s needs, which can vastly differ. Being able to say, “Yea we can do that!” to almost every question from prospective users is a strong indication of the success of the development. Without Kate, Stable Secretary would not be the amazing program it is today, and it is only getting better.

Why do you think Stable Secretary is such an important part of stable management?

Larysa: Keeping records of horses is incredibly important, not only for the stable, but for the horses’ health. It can be so easy to get behind on record keeping because barn managers usually have 100 other tasks that take priority. Stable Secretary makes it easy to put a record in on the spot. Almost everyone I know constantly has their phone on their hip, so the next time the vet comes to do joint injections, you can update your records immediately.
Did you sell a horse and need to pass on the information? Stable Secretary does so in 3 clicks. Stable Secretary is important because you can keep your records up to date and complete, but still put all of your energy in tending to the horses directly.

What is your personal equine background?

Larysa: I started riding at age 3 on my neighbor’s horses in New Mexico. I absolutely fell in love with horses and with riding. At age 7, my dad bought me a 25-year-old Arabian/Morgan mare, who was just plain mean. I think it was his attempt to try to get me disinterested in the sport, but it had the completely opposite effect (sorry, Dad!).

From there, I became more and more dedicated to horses and found myself at a Hunter/Jumper barn in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I continued to compete in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation for the remainder of my junior career. I was offered a working student position for a top rider in San Diego in 2009, and I jumped at the opportunity. I ended up working for him for 3 years as his assistant prior to taking the big jump to work and ride in Holland for year.

On my return to the U.S. I worked at 2 stables in California as both a rider and an assistant trainer. In 2016, after several injuries, I decided to go back to school and put my riding career on hold while I finish my Bachelors in Political Science at Columbia University, in New York.

Larysa with her dog, Lita, at HITS Thermal.

Five fun facts about Larysa: 

1. I have lived in 16 different houses in the last 10 years.

2. Growing up, whenever my family went on vacation, I made everyone go trail riding. EVERY TIME!

3. I got detention for “blinking sarcastically” at the head master of the school.

4. I can easily eat an entire jar of pickles in one sitting.

5. When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say “a unicorn.” I was very serious about it.

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