Month: July 2013

A Sport of Tradition Welcomes Technology

After taking about 6 months off to have a baby, it felt great to get back up on the proverbial horse.¬† As soon as the doctor said it was okay to ride, I rode a few times at home, and then helped my dear friends at Newbury Farm at the 3rd week of the Vermont … Read more

Infant Care or Horse Care – Software Makes It Easier!

Give yourself a break – let StableSecretary keep your equine records organized! As I mentioned in my introductory blog, I had a baby girl, Emma Rose, on May 25th.  To me, the first month of infant care was analogous to caring for four hunters at indoors that all show on the same days and nights.  … Read more

Make Barn Management Easier with Stable Secretary!

Stable Secretary Logo

Why did I create Stable Secretary? I created Stable Secretary because I wanted the best of all worlds: to work in the most elite parts of the Show Horse industry; to have a little bit more free time; and to have a little bit less frustration and stress… It seems like a lot of trainers … Read more