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StableSecretary and ehorses Establish Partnership to Further Benefit Equine Industry Professionals

StableSecretary and ehorses announced a partnership today with a shared goal of improving the equine industry’s practice of horse management, sales, and purchasing across the globe.

With decades of experience in the industry, Kate Rice Nilan created a barn management software system, StableSecretary, to assist trainers and barn managers with their equine record-keeping. The online and mobile applications are designed to help professionals manage their equine businesses. StableSecretary enables its subscribers to manage horse information and records anytime anywhere; provides reminders for health care due dates; facilitates information sharing with staff, clients, and health providers; makes invoicing easier; and generally, aims to increase revenues for equine businesses and improve health care for horses.

ehorses is the leading online horse market, catering to professionals worldwide. With an understanding of the needs of the global horse market, ehorses provides a safe and simple online platform for the purchase and sale of horses of all ages, levels, and breeds. With more than 18,000 advertisements from private and commercial providers, ehorses offers a quick and secure way to buy and sell horses from any location.  ehorses engagement rates are so phenomenal that a sale happens every 20 minutes, and average sales ads are typically online for only 35 days, which is 23 days faster than the prior year.

The partnership between StableSecretary and ehorses will enable their mutual users to improve their management and sales strategies without additional data entry and busy work. StableSecretary allows professionals to easily access and transfer horse details and records for use on ehorses while providing buyers with information during a sale.

“StableSecretary is fortunately already helping barn managers and trainers to streamline their record-keeping and to facilitate horse care and invoicing. While we continue to update and improve our software’s core features, we are also working towards integrating with other like-minded equine databases/platforms to reduce redundant data entry for our subscribers. We want our subscribers to focus on their horses and customers, NOT on data entry! This integration moves the horse industry towards a more efficient process for buying and selling horses.”

With a straightforward system for posting horses for sale, ehorses keeps sellers organized and improves the visibility of sales horses compared to traditional methods. Finding a new horse is easy with the detailed search feature on ehorses.

ehorses is proud to offer $300 of ehorses credit to Stable Secretary subscribers to welcome them to the ehorses sales experience.  Ehorses also plans to offer promotional credits to Universities and Riding Schools in the coming months. If your organization is interested in partnering with ehorses, please send an email to

Learn more about StableSecretary, here.

Learn more about ehorses, here.

Use your $300 voucher on ehorses, here.

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