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Equestrians today understand the importance of monitoring health and training to better care for their horses, improve their riding, and prepare for competition. With technology changing daily, how do you know where to look to meet your expectations for top-of-the-line apps to let you reach and exceed your goals? Here are a few of our favorite apps that are made for equestrians: 


1. StableSecretary

For all your barn management needs, StableSecretary has you covered! With personalized records for every horse in your stable, a scheduling tool to keep you organized and on time, easy invoicing options, and due date reminders, StableSecretary offers the features managers need whether they have two horses in their backyard or twenty show horses in a professional facility. Not only does StableSecretary provide a variety of plans to fit the budget of all horse owners, they also frequently release updates based on user requests for an app tailored to its users needs. 


Tried and trusted by the best, equestrians around the world use StableSecretary to help manage their facilities and provide top care for their horses. Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride of Blue Clover Eventing shared,“It has totally streamlined our operation! Some of our favorite features include the ability to line up our health care entries with our invoicing, along with being able to track our horse’s daily health vitals. We start each and every day with temperature and leg checks, and we track these notes in StableSecretary. We can then cross-reference our horse’s health records alongside their training records, which has helped us catch a few minor health issues before they became bigger health issues.”


2. Ridely 

Ridely is an app for equestrians to log their training efforts and get inspiration for exercises to improve their time in the saddle. Users can track their hacks, document training sessions to include intensity, time and quality of work, as well as join training programs created by professionals. Ridely offers a library of filmed exercises that can be incorporated into your training plan to keep every ride productive and inspired.


3. CrossCountry App

The CrossCountry App is an eventer’s dream tracking tool. It provides a place for riders to map their cross country courses before competition, gives organizers a way to showcase courses with digital maps, and allows designers a toolkit to create safe, well-designed courses. Users can record a competition track with GPS, photograph fences, create notes on striding and lines, identify minute markers to better manage time on course, easily review fences from the photo gallery, and share the course with other riders – all from the app. With the CrossCountry App, you can walk your course, record all the details you need to plan a safe and competitive route, and then review the course from the comfort of the stables before you ride. 


4. Equilab

Equilab is the app that helps you capture every step of your ride. Track your gait, beat, distance, and stride during each ride in order to find the right strategy to bring the best out of every horse in your string. With the opportunity to share your position directly from the saddle, you can hack out away from the barn knowing you’re protected should anything happen out on the trail. Equilab also provides a place for your community of barn friends to communicate and share riding journeys!


5. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an equine wellness monitor embedded into a halter for better tracking of performance horses, breeding stock, and at-risk equines. The monitor in the halter tracks heart rate and respiration and sends alerts to the app when they move out of a normal range. Nightwatch uses a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, and an altimeter to track your horse’s activity level including motion and posture. The GPS system provides an accurate location of your horse when an alert is issued so you can quickly reach him to provide aid. With options to set smart alerts or manual thresholds, you can ensure you’re receiving accurate biometric and behavioral alerts based on each individual horse. 


6. Ride iQ

Ride iQ is a training platform that allows you to listen to on-demand audio lessons from top professionals directly from the saddle! Users can choose from hundreds of lessons, select the one they want to work on during their ride, download the audio lesson, and then listen as they go. Ride iQ is a great way to structure your rides, increase productivity in the saddle, and gain insights from a variety of instructors from the comfort of your home.

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