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StableSecretary Feature: Schenck Show Horses

Located in Mexico, New York, Schenck Show Horses is operating as a lesson and training facility. Kevin Schenck began his career showing horses about 7 years ago when his family sold their herd of cattle and they converted the barn into a horse barn. The business began with just a few personal horses and, well, very little horse experience. 

Schenck grew his business while attending Cazenovia College, where he studied Equine Business Management. Schenck met his now significant other, Grace Yeary, at college, when she came in as a freshman and he was in his junior year. Yeary grew up in Colorado where she began riding at the age of 3. During her senior year at Cazenovia College, she decided to join the business venture. Together they have expanded the offerings and worked to grow the business together. Schenck handles the western discipline clients, including breaking out all of their prospects. Yeary handles the hunter seat horses and is involved with the teaching of lessons. Since her recent graduation, Yeary has been able to offer horse showing opportunities to their students to local shows, as well as expanding the services offered to include buying and selling horses.

At their 15 stall facility, the main barn is a converted dairy barn. This houses 11 stalls, a wash stall, two tack rooms, and a feed room. They recently added an indoor arena, which has an additional 4 stalls. They plan to continue to expand their facility, including more stalls and tack rooms. The facility currently has a big pasture, which is planned to be separated into smaller turnout areas for the herd. Since the main barn is a converted dairy barn, it contains a gutter cleaning system, which Yeary and Schenck still use. They claim that it “cuts down on a TON of time cleaning stalls”.

As a business, Schenck Show Horse’s proudest achievement to date is having one of Yeary’s students win her very first class at a show on a horse that Schenck broke and trained from the ground up. Another proud moment was when a half arab/saddlebred that was just trained to jump in the past year, won both of his first ever over fences classes. The team hopes to accomplish many more goals in the future. One of these is to have clients and their horses one day compete at the Quarter Horse Congress, Pony Finals, and other major shows. 

Using StableSecretary to Stay Organized

Schenck Show Horses has been using StableSecretary for about two months now. In this short time, all of their business information has been able to be stored in one place. “Before I was using QuickBooks for financials, Excel for health records, and a filing box for all documents (which I still do). But now I can have all of those things in the one software which makes my life so much easier,” says Yeary. 

Yeary and Schenck heard about StableSecretary through Facebook. Yeary’s college roommates mom made a post seeking input on barn management software recommendations and almost all of the comments to the post said that they should try StableSecretary! In a short time, their team has seen increased organization and less wasted time, and are thankful that they chose to utilize a barn management software!


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