About Us

Innovation Answers Necessity

Relying on decades of industry knowledge within the highest echelons of the hunter/jumper industry, Kate Rice Nilan identified an opportunity to assist trainers and barn managers with their specific record keeping needs. After significant research and development, the solution created was an innovative barn management software system called Stable Secretary. This easy to use application consists of a suite of products designed for equestrian professionals that can be used anytime from anywhere. The objective of Stable Secretary is to improve the health and performance of horses, enable communication between clients, staff, and vendors, and ultimately increase revenues for businesses.

Kate’s equestrian and professional credentials are rich in relevant expertise. A graduate from Dartmouth College, she worked extensively in the field of software development. This background in technology, coupled with her equestrian experience as both a client and professional rider cultivated an environment that enabled the formation of the highest quality barn management system available.

Continued Development

Since inception, Stable Secretary has relied on customer feedback to continuously improve and enhance the system to best meet the needs of users. These seamless advancements have allowed the company to rapidly grow and satisfy the needs of the most discriminating horsemen.

Kate remains integrally involved in the daily business operations and the team has grown to include expert management in product planning, software development, customer care and more.

Stable Secretary’s primary focus is to effectively meet the goals of users, so software updates happen regularly. Do you have suggestions? Contact us.