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From Tack to Techniques: Deciphering Competitive English and Western Riding

In the expansive equine industry, a diverse range of disciplines exist, each boasting its distinctive form of competition. These varied disciplines demand a wide range of strengths from both horse and rider. Numerous avenues exist for competing with your horse, with the equestrian industry containing a broad spectrum of disciplines. The opportunities for competition are […]

Goal Setting for Equestrians

January is the season of resolutions and the time most people dedicate to setting goals for the year ahead, but whether it’s the start of the year or not, dedicating time to mapping out your goals is the most effective way to achieve your expectations. For equestrians, goals could range anywhere from aiming for specific […]

Ear Plugs – To Use or Not To Use

Ear plugs, most commonly seen in the hunter ring, are an often brought up topic at shows. If they can be used is regulated by the rules of the discipline at the level of competition, however when they should be used is another question entirely.  Ear plugs for horses are usually soft, squishy (and sometimes […]

Going Digital: How Stable Secretary Can Change Your Business

It seems like these days there’s an app for everything, including managing the care of your horses! How do you know if a barn management system is right for your facility? If you want to stay on top of horse care, make billing easier, and manage client records effortlessly – it’s time to look to […]

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Bridges Training Stable

Welcome, Stable Secretary fans! We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your business, so each month, we will highlight our phenomenal customers in our blog series: Stable Secretary Success Stories. Husband and wife duo Kendra and Devon Bridges have been riding, training, and competing horses for decades. Together they currently own and […]

Happy Holidays, From Our Stable Family to Yours!

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why? Because everyone is heading to Florida, or California, where the warm breeze and palm trees are calling their names. Or… Everyone is enjoying the snow, drinking hot cocoa, listening to holiday tunes and enjoying tack room barn parties galore.Either way, we are in good spirits […]

Newsletter March 2016

Dear Stable Secretary user, Welcome to the first edition of the Stable Secretary Newsletter. Our newsletters will notify you of software updates, share tutorials, and point out other resources to help you manage your barn easily and effectively. Enjoy!   Referral Program: Refer someone to Stable Secretary and get money back! Receive a $25 credit […]

Are you ready for Winter Circuit?

Winter circuits start in January all across the world. The main winter circuits in the United States are HITS Thermal in California, HITS Arizona, HITS Ocala and the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida, and the Gulf Coast Winter Classic in Mississippi. Horses and riders have warm weather options for showing from coast to coast. There is so […]

Tips from the Experts: How to Keep Horses Sound

I asked several Stable Secretary users who are respected and successful barn managers and trainers to tell me what they think are the most important elements to keeping their horses sound. Their answers were remarkably consistent. Every person cited the importance of factors such as: – good footing; – a proper and consistent fitness program; […]

A Guide to Winter Circuit Mondays

During the busy show season, Monday is a sacred day off for busy trainers and barn managers.   It’s a day to rest, regroup, and do something different.   Sometimes, you still have to go to the barn to care for the horses, or meet the farrier or vet, but hopefully it’s only for a few hours. […]

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