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Horses (multi-platform)
Store Basic Horse Information
Store Detailed Horse Information
Upload documents, photo & videos
Create/Send Information Sheets
Run Reports
Receive Alerts and View Reminders
Manage Tags for Horses
Contacts (multi-platform)
Store Basic Contact Information
Store Detailed Contact Information
Upload documents
Add and View Records
Run Contacts Reports
View Invoices and Payments
Manage Tags for Contacts
Records, Notes, and Reports (multi-platform)
Store Notes for Horses
Store Essential Health Records
Store Performance Health Records
Store Breeding Records
Add Recurring Health and Service Records
Store Service Records for Horses and Contacts
Run Reports
Receive Alerts and View Reminders
Track Competition Info and Results
Mobile App Usage – iOS and Android
Add and Manage Horse Info
Add and Manage Contact Info
Add and Manage Health Records
Add and Manage Service Records
Add and Manage Notes
Track Temperatures
View Account Balances
Manage Feeds
Record Payments
Run Horse Health and Info Reports
View Account Balances
View Invoices
View Payments
Send Horse Information Sheets
Manage Tags for Horses
Customization – ONLINE ONLY
Customize Settings
Customize Lists
Add Multiple Users – ONLINE ONLY
Add Team Members
Add Service Providers
Add Horse Owners
Schedule – Coming Soon to Mobile
Add Tasks
Add Appointments
Set Reminders

Customize event colors
Customize schedule views

Financial (multi-platform)
View Account Balances
Create Invoices
Record Payments
Track Costs and Service Totals
Enable Online Credit Card Payments
Export to Quickbooks
Other Services
Receive Free Support
Receive Free Training
Receive Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

Sign up for Data Entry Services to let us do ALL of your equine record-keeping for you for a low monthly fee. Just send us your information via email or text, and we will enter it for you. We can also take care of your invoicing. You’ll be able to reap all of the benefits of viewing horse information anytime, anywhere, without spending time entering it. To sign up, please call us at (617) 564-1241 or email

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We give discounts to educational institutions like colleges, universities, and high schools, non-profit organizations like Horse Rescues, Therapeutic Riding Programs, and to law enforcement agencies. We offer free access to professors who wish to use Stable Secretary as a teaching tool for a course.
Please visit our Discounts page for further information. To let us know you are eligible for a discount, please call us at (617) 564-1241 or email

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