Frequently Asked Questions

Horses and Contacts:

Q: A Horse left but will be coming back. I don’t need to see it anymore but I want to keep all of its records. What should I do?

A: You can archive horses that leave but might return. Archived horses do not count towards your number of horses, and you can reactivate them anytime. To archive a horse, click the “Archive” icon next to the horse’s name on the Horse Profile Page on the web interface. To reactivate a horse, click the “Activate” link next to the horse’s name on the Archived Horses list which is linked from the Horses page.

Q: I need to give a horse’s full health history to its new owner. How do I do that?

A: Click the “Info Sheet” button under the horse’s name on the Horse Profile Page to print or email a basic or detailed summary sheet. You can control what appears on the detailed information sheet on the Settings page.

Q: I’d like to upload Horse and Contact paperwork into StableSecretary. Can I do that?

A: You can upload documents, photos, and videos to Horses, and documents and photos to People on Stable Secretary. Click the “Manage Uploads” button under the horse’s name on the Horse Profile Page, or edit a Contact and Upload documents at the bottom of the form.

Health Records:

Q: The farrier is coming tomorrow – where can I print out a list of who is due for shoes?

A: You can print a Due Dates report (for any health or farrier type) by going to the Reports section, and clicking Due Dates. You can choose what type of records to show, for what horse(s), and for which date range. You can sort the report by date, type, and horse.

Q: The vet just vaccinated all of my 60 horses. What is the fastest way for me to record all the vaccines for all of the horses?

A: The easiest way to do this is to follow the steps below:
step 1 – go to the Add Health Record Form.
step 2 – select “Vaccination” as Health Event Type, and select ALL of your horses in the next step.
step 3 – enter values for every field for the first horse, then click “apply to all” under each value in each column to populate that info for every horse in your stable. You can edit the date for individual horses if they didn’t get the vaccine that day, or you can delete their row, too. *** If one of the vaccination’s follow-up date does not conform to the time period you set up, edit the “Next Due Date” for that Vaccine, and click “Apply to All”.***
step 4 – click Save to save the form.
step 5 – repeat for each vaccine.

Q: One of my horses just starting taking Doxy and it’s not on my medications list. How do I add it?

A: Go to Settings, and click the “edit medications” under Manage Lists. Click the “Add New Medication” button and add any meds you need for your Stable.

Q: We have a horse who gets Gastrogard every day. Can Stable Secretary automatically add that for me every day?

A: Click the red “Add” button and choose “Recurring Event”. Select a horse; choose a type (in this case, medication); fill in the fields for dates and recurrence pattern; then click the “Add Recurring Event” button.

Services and Invoicing:

Q: How do I customize the list of services to show my prices and services?

A: Go to Settings, and click the “manage services and prices” link. Add, Edit, or Delete any services listed – these will appear in the Add Service Record form on the web interface and mobile app.

Q: How do I create an invoice?

A : Tap the “Create Invoice” button in the Financials Section. Select an Account, enter Invoice Details, and choose Dates. Select the Records to include on the Invoice. Save, then Print or Email your Invoice.

Q: How do I record a payment?

A: Tap the “Receive Payment” button in the Financials Section. Select an Account, enter Payment Amount and Details.
Choose Auto-Apply for the funds to distribute automatically, or choose Custom-Apply to choose how to distribute the funds yourself. Verify the Payment funds applied to open Invoices. Save. Or, you can use the “Receive Payment” hand icon as a shortcut to Receive Full Payment or Clear Balance. Or, you can use our integration with Equestrian Payment Solutions to get paid online.

Q: How do I record a credit?

A: Tap the “Create Credit” button in the Financials Section. Select an Account, enter the Credit Amount and Details.
Then, you can use that Credit to pay for Invoices.

Subscription and Account Info:

Q: How do I change my subscription?

A: To change your subscription, go to Settings -> Your Account -> Subscription. You will see your current Subscription info. To change it, click the “change” link. On the following page, choose a new plan and fill out your credit card information to confirm the change. If you upgrade, you’ll be charged the difference between your current rate and the new rate. If you downgrade, you’ll be credited the extra money, or you can contact us (email Support at and we will refund the additional funds to your credit card.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: To cancel your account, go to Settings->Your Account -> Subscription. Click the Cancel link.

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