Meet Bryce Richardson

The daughter of a horse trainer, Bryce Richardson’s involvement with the equine world began long before she was born. A horsewoman by nature, Bryce grew up riding on the West Coast show circuit, catching a ride on anything and everything that she could get her hands on.

Always eager to learn and never saying never, Richardson’s drive to succeed was prevalent from a young age. “When I was 14, I told everyone that I was going to take my horse, Junior, to Spruce Meadows on the NorCal Prix de Nations team. Everyone thought I was insane because he was, for lack of a better word, wild. However, a year later, we qualified and sure enough, I took him to Spruce Meadows where we ended up third in the Prix de Nations.”

Richardson piloting Levitas, at a West Coast competition.


Now a horse mom to Levitas, also known as “Junior,” and Single Malt or “Scotch,” Richardson moved from ponies to the big Equitation divisions as well as the Jumpers, where her talent eventually took her abroad to Europe. There, she spent time interning at an International Sales Barn, riding young horses coming off of their first thirty days under saddle.

Jumping a young mare during her time working in Europe.


Upon returning from her international endeavors, Richardson took an employment opportunity with Stable Secretary.   “Kate Rice, the founder and CEO of Stable Secretary, needed someone to help promote the program at shows in Southern California,” commented Richardson.   “A friend who was already working for Stable Secretary knew I was living in San Diego at the time, as well as catch riding at some of the shows in the area. She ended up getting the two of us in contact with one another, and my involvement grew from there.”

  While still involved with some hands-on promotion at horse shows, Richardson’s role with Stable Secretary has evolved into that of a marketing and social media position.   “Now, for the most part, my job revolves around social media,” she said. “I still help with shows when I can but primarily I run the Instagram, generate content for all our platforms, and handle our new rider of the month program.”

Aside from time in the saddle and working for Stable Secretary, the motivated Richardson is also a full-time student, is on the executive board of her sorority, and is about to begin an internship in accounting.  Her busy schedule allows her to really appreciate the mission of the company that she dedicates much of her time to.  “Being a business student who grew up in the equestrian community,” said Richardson, “I have come to realize most horse professionals do not get into this line of work because they want to be a business owner. We ride because we love horses and the sport. However, to be a professional one must also run a business.  I think Stable Secretary really simplifies that, which then allows horse people to spend more time working with horses and riders and less time worrying about records and billing.”

Richardson and her “miracle horse” Scotch, in their Stable Secretary gear.


Her favorite part about the company as a whole?  That’s easy for her to explain. “I love that the whole company is built from a love of this sport and the horses,” Richardson elaborated. “Every aspect is meant to improve efficiency in the barn so we can spend less time chasing papers and more time caring for our horses.  Additionally, the people I work with are wonderful and make it such a positive experience.”  

Whether it’s back in the barn, or behind the keyboard, Bryce Richardson is just one of the hardworking masterminds that help Stable Secretary succeed and exceed, every day.

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