Meet Bud Rice

As equestrians, when we think of horse show Dads, we often think of the greatest men on earth. They are the ones who are standing on the sidelines, clapping as we exit the arena, even after we ride the worst round of our life. They hold our horses “just for one second please! Just stand there, I promise he won’t move. Whatever you do, don’t let go!” They wipe off our boots, and often times provide emotional and financial support. They choose Sunday horse shows over Sunday Football, and they never complain that it’s 100 degrees and everything smells like manure and sweat.

For Stable Secretary Founder and CEO, Kate Rice Nilan, the horse show Dad concept is all too familiar. An avid competitor and life-long equestrian, Rice credits her father, Charles, for allowing her to embrace her true horse passions from a young age. “He’s a Dad whose daughter loves horses, and he has completely supported that over the years,” commented Kate. Even after she stepped out of the competition arena, Charles, known as “Bud,” has maintained his role as a pillar of support in Kate’s equestrian endeavors. “He is an integral part of the Stable Secretary team now,” Kate continued.

Bud credits the equestrian community for the discipline and work ethic that was instilled in his daughter from the get-go. “Taking care of horses builds a sense of responsibility,” he explained. “I enjoyed watching Kate develop her character by doing her homework until late at night, then getting up at 4 a.m. to load trucks for the trip to the show.” Every horse show Dad has a moment that sticks in his mind. Bud’s favorite horse show memory? “My fondest memory was watching Kate win the Seacoast Classic in Connecticut, three years in a row.” Although he is officially retired, the 76-year-old serves as the bookkeeper for Stable Secretary operations. Bud tributes the success of the company to the determination that the team shares, in which everyone strives to provide clients with an amazing product and excellent services. On top of being an amazing horse show Dad, Bud is an incredible asset to the Stable Secretary team, with book keeping skills that can’t be beat!

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