Meet Katie Crooks

Katie Crooks has been an active member of the Stable Secretary marketing team for the past two years. Crooks’ ability to multi task and keep a calm and cool perspective, are of great value to employees and customers alike. Katie works endlessly to maintain the Stable Secretary brand and to make sure that it stands out amongst consumers.

“I met Kate Rice, the owner of Stable Secretary, through Sarah Watson, a local Colorado trainer when I was a sophomore in college looking for more experience in the marketing world,” said Crooks. “I obviously had the horse background, so I took the opportunity to help her out and expand the company.”

A Colorado native, Crooks has been involved with the equestrian community in and around Parker, Colorado, for over eleven years. She is also a sales and sponsorship intern for the well-known Colorado Horse Park. “I grew up at CHP,” explained Crooks, “and I’ve been competing there since I was thirteen. I showed all through high school, so being able to go back and work there has been really nice. It’s also great that I get to incorporate Stable Secretary into that, as they are a sponsor of the Park.”

Crooks enjoys the hustle and bustle of the horse show scene, and her hands-on experience creates a unique perspective. That perspective allows her audience, and the ideal consumer of Stable Secretary, to relate to her on an entirely new level.

Crooks believes that Stable Secretary is an important new element in the success of horse show facilities and barns around the country. She explained, “I grew up riding and understand how busy and unorganized things can get for trainers. A lot of the time the horse world has a lot of chicken scratch and things get lost in transition, so I think that a program like this does a great job consolidating information and making life easy, which in turn prevents errors and things like that. The fact that it is so accessible and consumers are able to use it on the phone as well as the computer also gives it a huge advantage.”
Crooks is currently a senior at Colorado State University. A Marketing and Organizational and Innovational Management Major, she aspires to work in a marketing research or data analytics field in the near future.

Katie is also an avid animal lover, and has two dogs, Grizzly and Moose. When she is living in Fort Collins and going to school, she is the adoption coordinator at a local dog rescue and fosters older dogs. Her passion for animals drives her creativity and love for the company, and in turn, makes her an ideal employee for Stable Secretary.

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