Meet Robin Schwartz

Robin Schwartz is the founder of Equestrian Payment Solutions, a company that focuses on enabling horse related businesses to accept credit cards and expedite the payment process of businesses to ease account management. A national equestrian competitor for over two decades, Robin understands the needs of the equestrian community, and now offers a way for owners, trainers, and managers to run their businesses more effectively. Schwartz approached Stable Secretary about an integrated payment platform, and from there, Stable Secretary partnered with Equestrian Payment Solutions, to create a faster and more effective payment process. The improved technology saves time, prevents mistakes, and eliminates paper waste, by recording directly into the App via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Invoices are generated quickly, and tracking of payments and balances is just a click away. The key features of the invoicing section of the app include tracking services, creating bills, tracking payments, and accepting credit card payments online.

Since the collaboration with Equestrian Payment Solutions, Schwartz has become an invaluable member of the Stable Secretary team. Find out more about Robin and her involvement with the company, as well as the horse industry, below!

What is your individual role within the company?

Robin: “I am the payment arm of the software, creating efficiencies and improving cash flows.”

What is your favorite part about the Stable Secretary mission?

Robin: “Helping horse people navigate the business side with stress free solutions.”

Where did your involvement within the equine industry begin?

Robin: “Back in the day I had wonderful amateur horses Batman, Madison Avenue and Pay it Forward. I now have a pony crazy 8-year-old daughter who got me back in the saddle after 14 years!”

Why do you believe that Stable Secretary is such an important element in stable management?

Robin: “Staying on top of services provided to both customer and horse are a vital part of running a successful horse operation. Stable Secretary offers a platform to not only record the day to day but also to get paid timely creating both efficiencies and improving cash flows.”

Four Random “Fun Facts” about Robin:

1. She named her daughter Devon… Because it was her Dad’s favorite horse show.
2. She now lives in Louisville Kentucky.
3. She is the proud owner of an off the track thoroughbred.
4. Now heading back into the show ring, Robin is excited that there is an ‘older, mature’ adult division to welcome her back into the ring.

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