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Stable Secretary


Stable Secretary Essentials makes it easy and affordable to keep track of all the necessary information to keep your horses healthy and happy. With our “Essentials” product, it’s easy to record and view details about each and every one of your horses, as well as information about shoeing, vaccinations, wormers, dentistry, and other general health information. Our mobile app keeps all of your records accessible – anytime, anywhere.

Stable Secretary


Stable Secretary Performance is a simple solution for owners, riders, trainers and barn managers to record services and expenses. Our “Performance” product easily tracks all aspects of a horse’s health and provides a robust set of customizable preset fields to record joint injections, medications, therapies, injuries, breeding records, and more. It is the comprehensive solution for the most discerning equestrian.

Stable Secretary


Stable Secretary Professional offers all of the health record benefits of Performance, plus the ability to create invoices and receive payments.

Take a look at our updates history to see the improvements we have made to Stable Secretary since launch. We are committed to incorporating user feedback into new development to make Stable Secretary the leading software for the equine industry.

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