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Integrate with Quickbooks to transfer StableSecretary payments to QBO income

The basic process is that you create an invoice in StableSecretary and send it to your client. You record the payment for that invoice in StableSecretary. Then, you export the payment to QB where it is recorded as “Stable Secretary Income” and shows up on a Profit and Loss report in QB. Detailed instructions on connecting and exporting are below.

Connect StableSecretary to Quickbooks Online

Send Payments from StableSecretary to Quickbooks

Connect your StableSecretary account to your Quickbooks Online account.

  1. Go to Settings -> Your Invoices -> Quickbooks Integration.
  2. Click Enable, and follow the prompts.
  3. Click Connect to Quickbooks and follow the prompts.
  4. You may need to enter your Quickbooks Online username and password.
  5. Once signed in to Quickbooks, select the Quickbooks Online company to connect with your StableSecretary account.
  6. The confirmation message means you are ready to send customer payments from StableSecretary to QB Online!



Send Payments from StableSecretary to Quickbooks Online  

  1. Go to Financial Dashboard – Payments, Reports – Payments or Transactions, or to Contact Profile page – Payments tab.
  2. Use the Send to Quickbooks icon to send each payment to QB.
  3. Match your StableSecretary contact with your QB account.
  4. Once you choose your customer and click confirm, the payment will be recorded in QB as a Sales Receipt.
  5. The Quickbooks sales receipt has the Stable Secretary invoice reference in the description, and it’s also recorded in the memo.
  6. For sent payments, click the green qb icon to view the sales receipt in Quickbooks.
  7. View a history of sent payments at Settings -> Your Invoices -> Quickbooks Integration.

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