Support – Invoicing Group Members for Group-Owned Horses

Step 1: Create Owner Group & Assign Members and Percentages.

Step 2: Assign Horses to Owner Groups.

Step 3: Create Billable Records.

Step 4: Create Invoices for each Member of Owner Group.

You must create an Invoice for EACH Member of an Owner Group to charge him/her the Percentage of the Horse’s Records.

  1. Tap “Create Invoice” button in the Financials Section, or use “Add” button -> Invoice.
  2. Select Account, enter Invoice Details, and choose Dates.
  3. Select Records to include on Invoice. Cost for Records for Horses owned by an Owner-Group reflects the Percentage owed by the selected Account.
  4. Choose to include Credit as Payment, or not.
  5. Save, then Print or Email your Invoice.

Please refer to Support – Invoices, Payments, Credits for more help.

Helpful tips:

– customize Invoice Settings in Settings section;
– while creating/editing Invoices, you can change Start/End Date to limit or expand Records; click column headers to sort Records; include Records from additional Horses and Accounts; elect to use Credit for Payment;

**We make it easy to get paid online!**

We are integrated with Equestrian Payment Solutions so that you can accept online payments for invoices that you send through your StableSecretary account. You’ll get paid faster, and your clients will enjoy the convenient payment option (additional fees may apply). Please email Robin Wertlieb Schwartz or call (301) 674-7600 for details and to get started!

We are here to help you. | (617) 564-1241 | Support Page

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