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StableSecretary Announces Partnership with Barefoot Wine: (Made you look… Now just click on the link).

Hi all!
We have a TON of updates to share with you! Each month we send them out in e-blasts and newsletters, but… For those of you who aren’t subscribed to our mailing list (you should be, it’s good stuff) here is the lowdown:

Summer savings are a HOT topic right now:

  • If you’re a subscriber, you will receive a $25 account credit every time you refer a new customer.
  • If you aren’t a user, but want to give Stable Secretary a try,  be sure to take advantage of our FREE 30-day trial.
  • If you just KNOW it’s time to subscribe to this awesome software once and for all… GUESS WHAT!? Use the promo code: SUMMER19 between now and August 31st, and receive 25% off your first-year subscription!

We added more functionality and better formatting to StableSecretary Online

Small Changes = BIG Difference!
You asked, so we delivered!

Increased Functionality

  • Add attachments to records online.
  • Include more items on Horse Info Report.

Additional Flexibility for Invoices

  • Show/Hide Account column.
  • Show/Hide Comments column.
  • Show/Hide Subtotals.
  • Include records from additional Accounts and Horses.
  • Add Terms to auto-calculate Due Date.
  • Set a “Message to Clients” to include on all Invoices.

Improved Formatting

  • Horse Information Sheets.
  • Recent Records List.
  • Recurring Events page.

NEW Functionality on the StableSecretary Mobile App!

  • Manage and View Feed Rations.
  • Add and View Notes for Horses.
  • Manage Tags and Add Tags to Horses.
  • Add Quantities to Service Records.
  • View New Layout for Horse Profile Page.

You can now Assign Quantities to Service Records!

  • You can specify Quantities for Service Records!
  • Enter a quantity online or on the mobile app, and the Cost updates automatically.

Reports tell you what you need to know about your Horses, People, and Business

  • We understand that your passion is Horses – not data analysis.  We also know that talking about reports isn’t very exciting, but you’ll be interested in seeing how helpful they can be!
  • StableSecretary makes it easy for you to create customized lists of contacts, horses, health records, and other information for you, your vet or farrier, and other vendors.
  • Learn more about reports, here.
  • Enhancements to Mobile App:  view Records and Uploads for People; restructured Records list for Horses.
  • Enhancements to online software:  apply one Payment to multiple Invoices; view Account Balances, Payments, and Credits more easily; better navigation and new color scheme within the User Interface.  

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