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Equestrian Elegance: Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts

As November unfolds, the spirit of gifting begins to fill the air, prompting us to consider thoughtful gifts for those dear to us. For the equestrians in our lives or those passionate about the world of horses, thinking of the perfect gift can be a challenging endeavor. In this blog post, we provide you with […]

The Ultimate Winter Checklist with StableSecretary

As the seasons change and the air turns crisp, horse farm owners and equestrians understand that the arrival of winter brings in a unique set of challenges. The colder months bring the need for meticulous planning and thorough preparation to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of our equine companions. In this comprehensive guide, we […]

StableSecretary Feature: Harmonized Horsemanship

Nestled in the quaint, rural town of Elizabeth, Colorado, Harmonized Horsemanship is dedicated to fostering a natural connection between horses and humans. Through a diverse range of programs tailored to meet various needs, Harmonized Horsemanship places utmost importance on nurturing the bond between horse and human. The core belief which their philosophy stems from is […]

From Tack to Techniques: Deciphering Competitive English and Western Riding

In the expansive equine industry, a diverse range of disciplines exist, each boasting its distinctive form of competition. These varied disciplines demand a wide range of strengths from both horse and rider. Numerous avenues exist for competing with your horse, with the equestrian industry containing a broad spectrum of disciplines. The opportunities for competition are […]

Simplifying your Barn Management Practices

Whether you’re a horse owner keeping your horses at your personal farm or if you’re a manager who oversees a busy show barn or boarding operation, there is a good chance that you got into the role because of the fundamental reason that you enjoy spending time with horses. If you’re in one of the […]

StableSecretary Feature: Schenck Show Horses

Located in Mexico, New York, Schenck Show Horses is operating as a lesson and training facility. Kevin Schenck began his career showing horses about 7 years ago when his family sold their herd of cattle and they converted the barn into a horse barn. The business began with just a few personal horses and, well, […]

Equine Diagnostic Technology

Equine veterinarians in today’s industry are equipped with several tools to assist in pinpointing problem areas and diagnose issues. There are a variety of diagnostic technologies which are available, some of which are portable and can be used in the field, while others require a visit to a clinic or hospital. Each technology was created […]

StableSecretary Feaure: Dartmouth Equestrian

Nestled in the beautiful terrain of Hanover, New Hampshire sits Dartmouth College, a private Ivy League research university. Located just 7 miles from the main campus, the Dartmouth College Equestrian Center at Morton Farm is known to be a stunning facility situated on nearly 200 acres of land. At the facility, there are two barns, […]

Equine Lameness

As equine enthusiasts, most can probably say they have dealt with a horse with some type of injury or lameness. Owning, caring for, or working with horses is difficult. Profound issues can be overlooked if only the surface-level details are being recognized. Healthy and physically strong horses should move easily; however, it is  inevitable that […]

StableSecretary Feature: RH Farm

  Situated on 25 scenic acres in Burlington, North Carolina the small-scale, family-run horse farm and rescue, known as RH Farm Rescue and Stables is located. RH Farm prides themselves on utilizing the horses which they rescue for almost all of their riding lessons. Their program develops true horsemanship and an excellent overall feel and […]

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