Manage your barn anytime, anywhere

  • StableSecretary gives you and your team access to all of your stable’s information anytime, anywhere.
  • StableSecretary provides due date reminders, allows for unlimited team members, and more.
  • StableSecretary makes it easy to create invoices, record payments and accept online payments, and view financial data.
  • StableSecretary lets you schedule tasks, appointments, and services.
  • StableSecretary has a tool to email messages, attachments, and pictures to contacts and tagged groups.
  • StableSecretary has a message board to ease communication.
  • StableSecretary offers data entry packages to save you time.
  • StableSecretary is easy to customize to fit the needs of your Stable.
StableSecretary Dashboard

Prevent oversights in horse care

Get reminders for vet or farrier due dates. Keep your horses healthy and happy with a comprehensive online file of health and care information that’s accessible anywhere. View past and future events on reports, a calendar, horse profile pages, and the mobile app!

  • Manage identification, and health, farrier, breeding, and service records.
  • Enter and view general identification, coggins, insurance information, feed, medications, farrier, worming, joint injections, vaccinations, dentist, injuries, breeding records, and other health events.
  • Upload coggins documents, vaccination reports, and other files, photos, and videos.
  • Schedule, track, and receive automatic alerts and reminders for farrier and health appointments

* Health categories vary by subscription level – please check our Product Comparison chart for details.

Manage all your stable’s information through our mobile app (iPhone and Android)

Stable Secretary’s powerful mobile app puts all of your horse and client information at your fingertips. View up-to-date information right from your phone, and record new health, service, and activity records as soon as they happen. Get it from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store!

  • View detailed profiles for each horse in your stable.
  • See dates and details for all health records.
  • Access records of recent services and activities.
  • Manage feed, medications, and tags for your stable..
  • Run reports to see health records and other info for the horses in your stable.
  • Manage health and service records for horses.
  • Access information for your contacts.
  • Communicate efficiently via the Email Tool or Message Board.

Ease communication for the staff, service providers, and owners in your Stable

Manage contact information for the people associated with your Stable. Add team members to your account to make it easier for everyone to view and add information about your Horses. Control the permissions and level of access for additional users. Invite service providers like vets and farriers to join your account so that they can access information they need.

  • Access client contact info, organization numbers, documents, and more, wherever you are.
  • Add team members and service providers to your account to give grooms, barn managers, owners, and service providers (vets, farriers, bookkeepers, etc) access to what they need.
  • Email Contacts and/or Tagged Groups to make sure clients, staff, and vendors have the information that they need.
  • Post and View Messages on the Message Board to share important news about Horses or the Stable.

Stay on top of tasks and appointments with a schedule

Add services, tasks, and appointments for the horses and people in your Stable. View what’s happening on a monthly, weekly, daily, or agenda view, and get Reminders. Customize your events to make them suit your needs.

  • Add tasks for your stable.
  • Add appointments for your stable.
  • Add services for your stable.
  • See Reminders for your events.
  • Customize your view – color code tasks and appointments, default time span and length of day, and more.
  • Convert scheduled services to service records for easy billing.

Print or email sheets, reports, and lists for horses in your care

Generate lists, reports, and summary sheets for the horses in your stable – anytime, anywhere. You can easily print or email the following, and more:

  • Health reports to show due dates, past health and breeding info, temperatures, and more;
  • Information reports to show customized horse or person details;
  • Summary sheets for each horse;
  • Financial reports showing services rendered, payments, invoices, billable items, billing contacts, and more.
  • Other reports showing notes for horses, entry blank information for horses and people, and more.

Customize StableSecretary to fit the needs of your Stable

  • Create your own lists of feeds, wormers, medications, and other health related items.
  • Enter your own services and rates, and customize your invoice settings.
  • Easily set your own time frame for due dates, reminders, and alerts.
  • Register your staff, owners, and service providers within your account to keep everyone informed.
  • Create tags to group your horses and people to make it easier to view groups and add items to groups.
  • Customize your display to view Horse names, People names, and background color the way you want.
  • Modify product or plan anytime to suit your needs as your stable grows and shrinks.

Make billing easier*

Save time, prevent mistakes, and eliminate all of the paper by recording services directly into Stable Secretary from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Create invoices, record payments, view account balances, and generate financial reports. Export payments to Quickbooks and accept online credit card payments through StripeEquestrian Payment Solutions, or your own processor.

  • Enter the services you offer and the fees you charge.
  • Record services at your convenience to eliminate oversights or mistakes later.
  • Create invoices in a snap. Record your services as the days, weeks, or months progress, so that all you have to do for billing is to click a button to produce an invoice.
  • Record payments. View account balances. Run financial reports. Use our Financials Dashboard to easily understand the status of all of your accounts.
  • Accept credit card payments online through Stable Secretary’s integration with Stripe or Equestrian Payment Solutions! You will get paid faster, and your clients will be happy to have the option to pay their bill online. Please note that additional fees will apply.
  • Export Payment information directly to Quickbooks! You can do all of your invoicing and payment tracking through Stable Secretary, then export important financial information straight to Quickbooks for streamlined bookkeeping and accounting.

*Available with Professional Plans only

Get help whenever you need it

We offer Support and Training at no extra charge. We also offer Data Entry Packages for a nominal fee if you want to hand off ALL of your record-keeping to us. Please get in touch with us with questions, suggestions, or data entry inquiries by email at support@stablesecretary.com, through our Support page, or by voice/text at (617) 564-1241.