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Full Speed Ahead for Spring Stable Secretary Software Updates

For Immediate Release

New London, NH- April 13, 2020 – Stable Secretary, the innovative equestrian record keeping software system, is proud to announce the inception of its newest software updates for all users. Originally created to assist barn owners and managers with record keeping needs, Stable Secretary offers easy-to-use applications to help improve the productivity of equestrian facility management.

The advanced updates come just a year after launching the new Stable Secretary mobile app, highlighting growth and continued improvements throughout the company. “Our users have consistently praised our software for being robust, reliable, and complete,” commented Stable Secretary Founder and CEO Kate Nilan. “They’ve appreciated that our customer support is responsive and friendly. However, they had also pointed out that our navigation could be improved. We completely agreed, so we made it happen.”

The updates cover a variety of components within the software and its user interface. They provide better navigation, intuitive color-coding, and a modern look. They also include “renovations” to make the online software process faster. “The updates we have just released are so exciting for our software,” Nilan explained. “First of all, we upgraded the systems that support the software so that all processes run faster and have more bells and whistles. Secondly, we also updated the user interface to make it easier for our users to navigate and find what they need.”

Specific updates include a New Dashboard: providing an overview of the most recent activity in a user’s Stable, as well as buttons to add records, and links to access more; New Horse Lists: displaying basic information for each horse, as well as options to view details, edit, archive, or delete, and expand any Horse to see records, notes, and reminders; New Navigation: Including a big red Add button so users can DO whatever they need to  from wherever they are, anytime anywhere; New Reports: the updates to this section make it easy to use all Reports; and a New Settings section: making it easy to customize Lists and Settings.

Though the updates create an easy and visually appealing new customer experience, Nilan urges all users to continue to provide feedback, so the Stable Secretary team can continue to make the app as helpful as possible. “We love feedback from our users because they are the most important people to guide our software,” concluded Nilan. “They’re the people using it daily or weekly to track all health records; create all their invoices; produce reports for vets and shows; and more. What users want, we make happen – that’s probably our most important company mantra.”

For more information, and to learn more about Stable Secretary, please visit

The objective of Stable Secretary is to improve the health and performance of horses, enable communication between clients, staff, and vendors, and ultimately increase revenues for businesses. With the activation of the newest invoicing system, Stable Secretary is able to increase this mission in a positive way. 

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