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Stable Secretary Success Story: Brannigan Eventing

As one of the top event riders in the US, Jennie Brannigan operates Brannigan Eventing at a high-quality facility in Coatesville, PA with a winter base in Ocala, FL. Brannigan coaches, teaches clinics, produces horses and competes year-round. With such a busy schedule, she depends on her team of professionals to maintain her business and provide exceptional horse care. For the past two years, her team has used the Stable Secretary app to better manage horse care and stay on top of the bustling program.

photo by ©Amy Dragoo, courtesy of Brannigan Eventing

Finding a Love of Eventing

Brannigan has been involved with horses for 23 years, beginning as an endurance rider before turning to fox hunting in Galena, Illinois. When she was 13, she started working for Allison Springer and fell in love with the sport of eventing. “After moving to the west coast at 16, I also enjoyed working for show jumper Susie Hutchison while eventing at the same time,”  Brannigan shared.

What Makes Her Home Base Special

Brannigan Eventing resides in a 17-stall barn at D.D. and Michael Matz’s farm in Coatesville, Pennsylvania for the majority of the year, where they enjoy a beautiful valley, an incredible gallop and views. Their miniature horse, named Hank, helps to keep all the staff and horses happy!

photo by ©Amy Dragoo, courtesy of Brannigan Eventing

Organization for a Busy Equestrian

Brannigan first began using Stable Secretary to organize her program when her veterinarian, Mary Griffin, suggested she try it. Her head groom, Tyler Held, had used the app at her previous barn and wanted to incorporate it into Brannigan Eventing’s management strategy as well. “Tyler does all the updating with it, and I love that it keeps all the information for the horses in one place when I used to have multiple binders,” Brannigan expressed.

photo by ©Amy Dragoo, courtesy of Brannigan Eventing

A Bright Future

When asked about her proudest achievement under saddle, Brannigan was happy to share that winning the Nation’s Cup at Great Meadow both individually and as a team was really special for her. As for her future goals, she stated, “Continuing to compete at the highest level internationally.”

photo by ©Amy Dragoo, courtesy of Brannigan Eventing

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