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StableSecretary Feature: Miley Friesians


Located in Greenville, Ohio, Miley Friesians is a family owned business that operates their facility completely in-house. One of the largest Friesian horse breeding operations in North America, Miley Friesians co-owns two approved Friesian stallions, Tsjalle 454 Sport Elite Preferent AAA and Omer 493 Sport AA, as well as breeds a few select Barack Pintos. 

The History of Miley Friesians

Erin Miley, owner of Miley Friesians, grew up riding in 4-H and local shows on a grade quarter horse mare named Her-She. After high school, Erin had a nearly 15 year break from showing while she pursued a business career and earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She credits the knowledge that she gained in college with her analytical breeding program. In 2010, Erin and her husband Nathan began planning and building their facility. Erin’s dream to own a Friesian quickly evolved into establishing a top-notch breeding program in the United States. 

A Tool for Farm Owners and Horse Breeders

Miley Friesians has been using StableSecretary for close to 5 years after finding the app online while looking to fill a need for a better record-keeping system. Erin shared, “I love the ease of record keeping. I can update records from my phone while in the barn, look up due dates, and other valuable information while on the go. It helps keep me organized and on time.” One of the most loved features at Miley Friesians is the Due Dates tool that allows staff to easily manage keeping horses up-to-date on immunizations, farrier services, and other health appointments. 

The Future of Miley Friesians

While the major goal in upcoming years is to continue to breed the highest quality KFPS Friesians, Erin is also involved in competing and showcasing the horses of Miley Friesians. “One of my most recent highlights include winning USEF Friesian Hunter of the Year with my horse Hugo,” said Erin. “I also really enjoy showcasing our horses at events such as Breyerfest, Equine Affaire, and Land Rover.”


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