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StableSecretary Feature: Damien Griffin at Lissyegan Stables

Located in the rolling countryside of Ballinasloe, Galway, in western Ireland, Damien Griffin operates out of Lissyegan Stables where operate a showjumping, sales, and livery yard. They source and produce top quality young horses for both show jumping and eventing in addition to operating a small breeding program. Contract rearing of young horses is also an available service, with the option to continue their production to become a ridden horse. The first horse the Griffin’s purchased as a 3-year old, “Billy”, was affectionately known for winning 23 puissances including the Puissance at the International Show in the Odyssey in Belfast, as well as a 2nd place finish in the Hickstead Derby. 


Lissyegan Stables sits on over 200 acres of land, being a location where horses of all ages can live their best life. The business began back in 2000 with just 12 stables. With little experience, but a lot of determination, the Griffins built up their contacts and clients and they now have 40 horses in full-work, while caring for over 100 head. Damien Griffin and team have been successful on multiple occasions at the RDS Dublin Horse Show and in their representation of Ireland at the World Breeding Championships for Young Horses in Lanaken. 

Using Stable Secretary Keeps Them Organized

Damien Griffin at Lissyegan Stables has been proudly using StableSecretary for over five years now. They came across its presence during their search for a program to assist with a more efficient way of managing their stable. It was a simple google search that led them to their solution. Fiona and Damien Griffin shared, “It has been such a great help, as with over 100 horses in our care year-round, it is impossible to remember everything that has been done with each horse, or things that may be due to be done with them.” It is a huge assistance to them to tap on each individual horse within the app to see all the records pertaining to each individual horse since the day it arrived at the yard. “A game changer keeping us up to date with everything,” Fiona stated. The invoicing feature is their favorite, as it is such a quick and easy way to generate invoices for their clients and they are confident nothing is ever missed or forgotten. 


Damien Griffin is one of the largest young horse production yards in Ireland and they have successfully sold horses nationally and internationally. Lissyegan Stables also hosts a resident veterinarian who assists with the breeding of showjumping mares. Fiona Griffin was second in the Hickstead Speed Derby on Lissyegan Clover Diamond, who is a horse she produced up the levels from an unbroke 3 year old. Damien has worked as a professional in the industry for over 20 years and has successfully competed a huge number of horses throughout his years in business. They pride themselves on their hard-working, small, and close-knit team who enjoys a good laugh and a bit of Irish craic. 


Through their use of StableSecretary, their efficiency in barn management has excelled. The Griffin’s appreciate the continuous updates and improvements, as it leaves many features for each of their operations available. From training and competing, to breeding and livery, all aspects of the business can be taken care of simply from a desktop or phone app. As Damien Griffin at Lissyegan Stables continues on their successful path, they strive to build and produce a quality team of their own young horses. They strive to always have options of young horses available as sales prospects, which is an easily achievable goal with utilizing StableSecretary as their barn management tool.

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