Support – Invoices, Payments, and Credits

Step 1. Create Billable Records.

Step 2. Create and Manage Invoices.

Create Invoices

  1. Tap the “Create Invoice” button in the Financials Section, or use “Add” button -> Invoice.
  2. Select an Account, enter Invoice Details, and choose Dates.
  3. Select the Records to include on the Invoice. Edit the Date, Quantity, Price, and Comments on the Records.
  4. Choose to include Credit as Payment, or not.
  5. Save as Draft if you wish to make changes later. Save as Final if you do not need to make changes.
  6. Print or Email your Finalized Invoice.


Manage Invoices


Step 3. Receive and Manage Payments.

Receive Payments for Finalized Invoices

  1. Tap the “Receive Payment” button in the Financials Section, or use “Add” button -> Payment.
  2. Select an Account, enter Payment Amount and Details.
  3. Choose Auto-Apply for the funds to distribute automatically, or choose Custom-Apply to choose how to distribute the funds yourself.
  4. Choose to pay with New Funds or with Credit.
  5. Verify the Payment funds applied to open Invoices, and Save.

Video how to pay with New Funds
Video how to pay with Credit

  1. Navigate to Financials -> Invoices section, or to a Contact Profile Page -> Invoices tab.
  2. Use the “Record Payment” hand icon as a shortcut to Receive Full Payment or Mark Invoice as void/uncollective/forgiven.

Receive Online Payments for Sent Invoices

Manage Payments

Step 4. Create and Manage Credits.

Create Credits

  1. Tap the “Create Credit” button in the Financials Section, or use “Add” button -> Credit.
  2. Select an Account and enter Credit Information.
  3. Save your Credit.


Manage Credits

Helpful tips:

  • customize Invoice Settings in Settings section;
  • while creating/editing Invoices, you can change Start/End Date to limit or expand Records; click column headers to sort Records; include Records from additional Horses and Accounts; elect to use Credit for Payment;
  • view Financial Reports to see billed or unbilled status of each Record;
  • view an Account’s Invoices/Payments/Credits history on their Contact page – Invoices tab.
  • use Credits to Pay Invoice(s) on Receive Payment form;
  • use Credit to Pay for an Invoice on Create/Edit Invoice form.
  • Integrate with Stripe or Equestrian Payment Solutions to accept online payments for invoices.

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