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Why did I create Stable Secretary?

I created Stable Secretary because I wanted the best of all worlds: to work in the most elite parts of the Show Horse industry; to have a little bit more free time; and to have a little bit less frustration and stress… It seems like a lot of trainers and barn managers don’t have efficient systems in place to help them run their horse businesses which means that they lose time and money, and gain stress.  Most other industries have helpful software tools, so I asked myself:  why wasn’t there a GOOD barn management software for the Show horse industry?  I created Stable Secretary, a barn management software application, to make it easier to run an equine business.

At the end of the day, When the horses are fed, the barn is swept, and the work list for the next day is organized, it is a bummer to leave the barn with paperwork, phone calls, or other organizational logistics hanging over your head.  During the day, it can be pretty frustrating to waste time and energy looking for information that should be easy to find:  phone numbers, coggins files, entry due dates;  or working hard to answer questions like:  “When were Banjo’s last vaccines?”, or “Is Barney’s Coggins up to date?”, or “Rosie’s feet look horrible – when did she get shod?”, or “Lulu’s late on her left to right lead change.  I wonder when we last did her hocks?”  As I interviewed more and more barn managers and trainers, I learned that many equine businesses lose $100s – $1,000s per month because they (or their staff) forget to write down services. TIME is valuable, MONEY is hard-earned, and we should be doing our best to safeguard them both.

Since I couldn’t find any software solutions that would really help me in my horse business, I made my own!


What is Stable Secretary?  How does it work?  How does it help?

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Stable Secretary is web-based and mobile-optimized barn management software that helps barn managers and trainers track ALL of the necessary information and records for their horses, clients, and businesses.  It’s mobile, so you can use it from anywhere – the ring, the aisle, the in-gate, the car wash, the restaurant or hotel, etc.  It’s comprehensive, so you can keep track of ALL of your equine records.  It’s customizable, so you can fit it to however you currently manage your barn and run your equine business.  It’s easy-to-use and comes with dependable technical support, so you won’t get frustrated.  Check out all the features on our Features page where you can also watch a short demo of how it works.

What’s next?

The people using Stable Secretary love it – have a look at our Customer Testimonials.  As the Founder of the software, I keep in close touch with the trainers and barn managers using the software to find out what they want and need, and release Enhancements and New Features regularly to meet their demands.  Stable Secretary will just keep getting more and more useful and helpful for anyone managing the care of horses.  

Are you a barn manager or a trainer?  What do you look for in barn management software?  Do you need a better system for tracking equine vet records and managing your equine business?
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