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Stable Secretary Success Stories: Team Irwin Dressage

Canadian dressage duo Jaimey and Tina Irwin’s system of training comes directly from the German legends of Classical Dressage. Both trained in Germany with Holger Muenstermann, the well-known World Cup competitor, who himself trained with highly respected masters: Reiner Klimke, Harry Boldt and Willi Schultheis.

Tina and Jaimey work with Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist, Evi Pracht. At the same time, they are passing their knowledge and experience to their own students, who are achieving top results both in the show ring and in achieving their personal goals.

Tina and Jaimey operate Team Irwin Dressage out of Stoney Lake Equestrian in Canada.


Find out more about this hard working #StableSecretary user in this month’s Stable Secretary Success Story! 

What is your current role within the horse industry?

We are international Dressage competitors, trainers and coaches.

Can you please tell us about your current equine establishment?

We operate out of the beautiful Strathfield farm in Stouffville, Ontario, which is the closest barn to downtown Toronto, only 30 minutes away.

What are some of your goals for that establishment moving forward?

Our goals are to continue to run a successful Dressage training and sales barn.

How did you become involved with horses?

We both grew up with horses in our lives. Jaimey’s parents owned a family Resort and bought some horses for the guests to enjoy, which started his life with horses. I have a mother who was very involved with horses and she made sure my sister and I had a pony to ride from an early age.

Five fun facts about you? 

Jaimey: is obsessed with watches

Jaimey: everyone thinks he is from Europe and has an accent. (Jaimey is born in Peterborough, Ontario.)

Jaimey and Tina: we both don’t like any rides especially roller coasters at a fair!

Tina: I’m super ticklish

Tina: I used to have an eyebrow ring that my Oma went with me to get and pay for!


What do you like the most about Stable Secretary? 

 We love how Stable Secretary allows us to stay super organized. This app helps us save time in having all of our horses’ information in one place, which makes it easy to pull up on our phones at any time. Our staff, Jaimey and I have the app and can implement or look things up in minutes, versus searching through emails and the office to find what we need.

How do you think other farms could benefit from using Stable Secretary? 

Other farms would greatly benefit from this app because it would allow you to be much more efficient and organized with your time, by storing all of your horse’s information in one place that is easily accessible on your phone or computer. It saves a lot of time!

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