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November 2020 Stable Secretary Software Updates

For Immediate Release


New London, NH – November  2020 – Stable Secretary, the innovative equestrian record keeping software system, is proud to announce the upcoming inception of its newest technology upgrades for the online version of the software for Professional Plan Account Holders.

The next round of updates for the online software are going to make a really large impact,” explained Founder Kate (Rice) Nilan. “We have been working on them for over a year. They will make Stable Secretary into an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for Professional subscribers to view and manage the status of their clients’ account balances – who owes what, who has paid when, and more.”

The updates have been centered around creating a valuable product that is incredibly user friendly. “I think the users will find that we have developed and invoicing system that real businesses actually need,” said Nilan. “I think that our Professional subscribers will find that we have developed the Invoicing, Payments, and Financial Tracking tools that they have asked for over the years.  Our Invoice Creator tool has remained flexible and easy to use; our new way of receiving Payments is also flexible and easy to use; and, our new Financial Dashboard and Reports provide a quick and intuitive way to manage the charges going out, the money coming in, and the payment status of all the Stable’s clients.”

The new updates provide a variety of benefits to subscribers.There will be hugely increased flexibility in how users apply payments to Invoices.  Right now, users can only apply payments to one invoice. Soon, they will be able to apply a payment to multiple invoices, use Account Credit to pay an invoice, quickly clear a balance, or apply a full payment.

The next benefit will be the additional reporting tools being added to the software. New reports will include Account Balances, Account Transactions, Invoices, and Payments. These are all very easy to use and interpret, and will help subscribers immediately know where their customers stand.

Stable Secretary will also be adding new useful reports to the mobile app during the release.


Financial Dashboard – Reports


Financial Dashboard – Account Balances



Financial Dashboard – Invoices


Financial Dashboard – Payments

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