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StableSecretary Feature: Grazing Fields Farm

Located in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, Grazing Fields Farm is a historic horse farm owned by head trainer, Kathy Fletcher, and her husband, Mike. The farm focuses on showing and training horses and riders in hunters, jumpers, and equitation at the national, regional, and local levels. A former dairy farm, the facility now includes four barns with stabling, an indoor arena, and almost 100 acres of land used as pasture, riding and showing areas, as well as wooded trails. Grazing Fields Farm hosts USEF rated and schooling shows on-site and has an active Interscholastic Equestrian Association and lesson program. 



The People of Grazing Fields Farm

Grazing Fields Farm was originally owned and established by the Garland/Ingersoll family as a working farm. In 1970, the family began to specialize in importing and breeding Welsh Ponies and Cobs. Around that same time, the state of Massachusetts had plans to expand a major highway, providing direct access to Cape Cod. Unfortunately, these plans would put the highway directly through the farm the Garland/Ingersoll family had worked so hard to establish. Hope Ingersoll fought the state for many years, eventually saving the family farm when the state was forced to re-route the highway. 

In 1995, the current owners, Mike and Kathy Fletcher, bought the property and quickly developed a thriving business. Kathy’s background is in riding and training, while Mike’s background is primarily horse show management – making them a perfect team to take on such a property.

Mel Fretschl has lived and worked for the farm since 1996. She ensures every horse who steps on the property receives quality care. She also ran the beginner lesson program at Grazing Fields Farm for many years. “My proudest achievements have been my students,” shared Mel, “Two of my young students eventually progressed to winning National Equitation Finals, which is huge, and I am equally proud of the riders of all ages who have developed a lifelong love of riding and horses outside of the show ring.”


Supported By StableSecretary


Grazing Fields Farm has used StableSecretary to organize their facility for almost a decade. Since they began using StableSecretary in 2013, they’ve entered over two hundred and eighty horses in the database! Mel shared some ways that the system keeps their facility operating smoothly:

  • Scheduling Horse Care – During their busy season, the facility houses up to 60 horses, with four regular farriers, two vets, an equine dentist, and several other care providers. They rely on StableSecretary to schedule due dates and farrier lists, and to keep trainers and clients updated on horse care, maintenance, training and showing schedules. 
  • Documentation for Sales/Leases – The facility frequently has sales and lease horses in and out of the farm. By downloading the information associated with each horse including owner details, USEF numbers, vaccination and Coggins forms, etc., it’s simple for records to be accessed and passed along as horses come and go. Receiving barn managers and trainers have complimented the comprehensive records that have come with horses leaving Grazing Fields Farm. 
  • Access to Records While TravelingRunning an operation with a show program means being on the road, and luckily the StableSecretary app gives users the ability to access records anytime, anywhere! By having a horse’s full veterinary history at their fingertips, the assistant manager and road manager can make the best care choices for horses when they are away at competitions. 
  • Option to Archive With so many horses to manage, the archive feature is key to maintain a clutter-free daily view in the tool. By archiving the information of horses who are no longer directly involved at the facility, important forms and records can still be accessed should a trainer call needing another copy.  
  • Due Date Reports – StableSecretary offers extensive reporting, and the Due Dates report is one of the most used at Grazing Fields Farm to ensure every horse is receiving timely and correct care.

When asked her favorite feature offered by StableSecretary, Mel shared, “I think it has to be a tie between the Info Sheets that make me look super-organized when I send a horse to another stable, and the Due Dates reports that are so easy to access. I know my farriers all appreciate those!” The only thing Mel wishes StableSecretary did that it currently doesn’t – muck stalls!


To see how StableSecretary can change the way you manage your facility, visit: 

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