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Happy Holidays, From Our Stable Family to Yours!

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Because everyone is heading to Florida, or California, where the warm breeze and palm trees are calling their names.

Or… Everyone is enjoying the snow, drinking hot cocoa, listening to holiday tunes and enjoying tack room barn parties galore.Either way, we are in good spirits all around! It probably has a lot to do with the fact that we are surrounded by happy Stable Secretary customers. And with that notion, we want YOU to be happy too! That’s why we have put together this holiday “gift” guide, highlighting a few of the great things about Stable Secretary.

If you aren’t a subscriber yet, you will be when we are done here today!

1) We put the Secretary in your Stable!

Did you know that Stable Secretary organizes health, service, breeding, and activity records, as well as other general information for the horses in your stable? With SS, you and your team gain automatic access to your stable’s information anytime, anywhere – on a computer, tablet, or smart phone! We will also remind you and your team about important due dates, make invoicing easy, help with your entry blanks, and more.

To top it all off, SS offers data entry packages to get you started faster and to keep you organized at all times, whether you are at home, on the road, or at a show!

2) Bills. You’ve got them, and we’ve got you covered…

Okay, now that we’ve SOLD you on the customization and organization side, let’s talk more about the elephant in the room. BILLING. Who likes billing!? We do… So you don’t have to! If you are a subscriber of the Professional Plan, Stable Secretary will generate invoices with one easy click, and even track payments and balances for you. After that, you are able to export your received payments information directly to your Quickbooks account with one, easy click of a button. Here’s a simple rundown:

Enter the services you offer and the fees you charge.

Track services at your convenience.

Create bills in a snap.

Track payments and view balances.

Accept credit card payments online through Stable Secretary’s integration with Equestrian Payment Solutions!

Export payment information directly to Quickbooks!


We were definitely those kids who loved the classic monograms and nameplate branding before the monograms and nameplate branding were cool. So, the thought of a completely customizable program is a joy to us. You heard that right.

Stable Secretary can be customized to fit the needs of your stable.

Create your own lists of feeds, wormers, and other health related items.

Enter your own rates and services, and customize your invoices.

Easily set your own time frame for due dates, reminders, and alerts.

Register your staff, owners, and service providers within your account to keep everyone informed.

Wow, wow, wow. Sign us up! (Just kidding. We are past that level at this point!)

4) Easy peasy, lemon squeezy… errr… or something like that.

The bottom line is, when it comes to the busyness and hustle that we know you thrive from, you may not always have time to communicate and write things down on paper in an effective way. And you shouldn’t have to. And with that…

Have no fear, Stable Secretary is here!

Manage contact information for the people associated with your Stable. Also, add your team members to your account to make it easier for everyone to view and add information about your Horses. You can control the permissions and level of access for additional users.

Access client phone numbers, addresses, organization numbers, uploaded documents, and more, wherever you are.

Add team members to your account to give grooms, barn managers, owners, and service providers (vets, farriers, bookkeepers, etc.) access to what they need.

Make it easy on yourself to generate lists, reports, and summary sheets for the horses in your stable – anytime, anywhere. You can easily print or email the following, and more:

A Due Dates list (useful for a farrier or vet);

A Health History report (useful for a vet, therapist, or owner);

A Summary sheet for a horse (useful for a new owner or groom);

A Billing Contact report (useful for a vet, farrier, or horse transport company).

5) Our fifth and favorite reason to become a Stable Secretary subscriber is… Drum roll please…

The customer service, of course! We created this software because we wanted to help and contribute to the equine world in a positive way. So, of course, our customers are of the utmost importance to us. Your four legged friends are incredibly special, and we want to help you help them.

We want Stable Secretary to make your life easier, so we offer Support and Training at no extra charge. If you would like to hand off ALL of your record-keeping to us, we also offer Data Entry Packages for a nominal fee. Please get in touch with us with questions, suggestions, or data entry inquiries by email at, through the online support form, or by phone at 617-564-1241.

Now… What are you waiting for!?

SUBSCRIBE HERE, and make this holiday the best one yet! #AnytimeAnywhere

Happy Holidays, from our Stable family to yours!