Step by Step: Accept Online Payments with Stripe

StableSecretary is integrated with Stripe Connect to offer an easy way for you to accept many types of online payments for your StableSecretary invoices. Stripe will handle the financial setup for you; you’ll get paid faster; and your clients will enjoy the secure and convenient payment option!


Creating and Sending an Invoice in StableSecretary

1. Go to the Financials Dashboard in StableSecretary. Click “Create Invoice” button.

2. Fill out the Create Invoice form in StableSecretary.

3. Send Invoice in StableSecretary.

3a. Select options to include with your Invoice.

Paying a StableSecretary Invoice through Stripe

1. Your customer receives your Invoice in their Inbox and clicks the “Pay Online” link.

2. Your customer arrives at the Stripe Checkout page and enters payment information.
(note: you control which payment methods are available by managing your Stripe account.)

3. Your customer will see a Payment Confirmation page after submitting payment information.
(note: this is an example of a receipt; it is not related to the example invoice amount.)

4. Your customer receives a receipt, and you receive notification of the payment.
(note: this is an example of a receipt; it is not related to the example invoice amount.)

5. You receive notification when funds are deposited into your account.
(note: this is an example of a notification; it is not related to the example invoice amount.)

Viewing payments, customers, reports, and settings in Stripe

1. Use the Stripe Dashboard to view Reports, Payments, Customers, and to edit Settings and Profile.
(note: manage Stripe account for customizations like branding and receipts).

2. View Payments made through Stripe in StableSecretary and in Stripe.

3. View Customers who have paid through Stripe in Stripe.

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