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New Year, New Rules: What to Expect in the 2022 Show Season

A new year brings updates to the rules that regulate equestrian competition in the United States. These changes could impact your show season, so understanding new rules and regulations is important before planning for your year! We’ve gathered a few significant rule changes based on discipline, but a list of all approved changes for the […]

Ear Plugs – To Use or Not To Use

Ear plugs, most commonly seen in the hunter ring, are an often brought up topic at shows. If they can be used is regulated by the rules of the discipline at the level of competition, however when they should be used is another question entirely.  Ear plugs for horses are usually soft, squishy (and sometimes […]

Tips for Memorizing a Course

Whether you’re riding in show jumping or cross-country, many equestrians struggle with remembering their course under the stress of competition. It can seem simple when glancing at the course map, but the turns come up quickly and it’s easy to lose your way once in the saddle. Luckily, we have a few tried and true […]

Stable Secretary Featured User – LCH Equestrian

Located in Ocala, FL, is a 10-acre farm with a 12-stall barn, beautiful pastures, and a pristine arena where riders can practice dressage movements under a gorgeous sunset. This is Sunflower Hill Farm, the home of LCH Equestrian, run by dressage trainers and sisters Lisa and Catrina Hellmer.     Growing a Business LCH Equestrian […]

Simplify Your Summer with These Six Barn Hacks

  If flies are wreaking havoc on your horse’s legs, but he constantly removes or destroys expensive fly boots, it may be time for a bit of creativity. Grab a pair of tall old socks (knee-high crew socks work well) and make your own inexpensive fly boots! Cut the toe off the sock and then […]

Stable Secretary Featured Stable – Sudley Farm, Home of Blue Clover Eventing

Located in West River, Maryland, Sudley Farm is home to Blue Clover Eventing, a training, and competition program run by Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride. With a long list of career highlights and an even longer list of client reviews overflowing with positive recommendations, Valerie’s high expectations for herself and her horse management program are paying off. […]

Stable Secretary Success Story: Cornell University Equestrian Teams

Joanna Novakovic has been leading Cornell University’s Equestrian Teams as head coach since 2014, and has been personally involved with horses for 32 years. Novakovic is a United States Hunter Jumper Association certified trainer with a history of excellence in showing and horse care. Her coaching has brought the Cornell Equestrian Team an outstanding record […]

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Nicole Shahinian-Simpson

Nicole Shahinian-Simpson is one of only 11 riders to win both the ASPCA Maclay National Championship and the U.S. Medal Championship, two of the United States’ most prestigious titles for junior riders. She became famous for retiring every best child rider trophy at all the major horse shows in the US. Shahinian-Simpson made her Grand […]

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Country Meadow Farm, LLC.

Shelby Rader is an NCSU Certified open judge, and carded as a judge through the Open Horse Show Association. As a former western coach for two colleges, Shelby loves teaching riding and advancing horses. She has shown across the U.S. and Canada, and taught lessons and trained horses of various breeds and disciplines . Shelby […]

Thankful for Stable Secretary & Mashed Potato Mountains

Though we believe in giving thanks everyday, today we are feeling extra thankful! So before we dive into mashed potato mountain, we thought we’d highlight five of the most important reasons that we are thankful for Stable Secretary.

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Faith N Friends Horse Rescue & Sanctuary

We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your business, so each month, we will highlight our phenomenal customers in our blog series: Stable Secretary Success Stories. Faith N Friends is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 horse rescue and sanctuary in Corryton, TN. Although Faith N Friends obtained 501(c) 3 status in 2016, Faith N […]

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Boston Polo Club

Welcome, Stable Secretary fans! We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your business, so each month, we will highlight our phenomenal customers in our blog series: Stable Secretary Success Stories. “Kendall Crutchfield is Club Manager and Hunter/Jumper Instructor of Boston Polo Club. Kendall began her equestrian career as Breeding Manager for a prestigious […]

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Molly Mussleman & Midland Polo Club

Welcome, Stable Secretary fans! We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your business, so each month, we will highlight our phenomenal customers in our blog series: Stable Secretary Success Stories. Molly Mussleman is a Level 1 USPA Certified Polo Instructor, who grew up as an avid polo enthusiast. “Molly eventually started teaching […]

Featured Stable: Lauren Kieffer Eventing

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Lauren Kieffer about her career, her horses, her favorite events, and her strategies for success. Her incredible work ethic, commitment to her horses’ health and well-being, and patient, intelligent approach to training have contributed to her impressive success in the Unites States and Internationally. My favorite part of this interview […]

Featured Stable: L’Acadiane Equine Management

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Katie Robicheaux. Katie is the Head Dressage Trainer at L’Acadiane Equine Management (LAEM). LAEM offers both Dressage and Jumper training. Katie has been using Stable Secretary since 2015. We were interested in finding out how Stable Secretary helps her and her team manage their […]

Rider of the Month: Amanda Steege

In December, we talked to New Jersey based trainer, Amanda Steege. Amanda is the owner and head trainer at Ashmeadow Farm. She and her students have won tricolors at all of the biggest shows in the United States – and they also have a lot of fun in general! Ashmeadow nurtures a wonderful feeling of […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

 According to this video (click here to view it), it’s scientifically proven that saying “Thank You” makes people happier.  I believe it… And I guess the point of the video is to show that it happens in that order:  grateful first, happy later.  I’m grateful for my family, my friends, and my dog.  I’m also grateful […]

What good is information if you can’t have access to it whenever you like?

In the article “Two Hit Wonder” by D.T. Max in The New Yorker magazine on October 21 2013, Jack Dorsey, the man behind Twitter and Square, has eliminated paper from his daily life. His phone and iPad have replaced a briefcase, a desk, and regular old books. His reliance on “mobile” information sources begs the […]

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