Author: Kate Nilan

Featured Stable: Lauren Kieffer Eventing

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Lauren Kieffer about her career, her horses, her favorite events, and her strategies for success. Her incredible work ethic, commitment to her horses’ health and well-being, and patient, intelligent approach to training have contributed to her impressive success in the Unites States and Internationally. My favorite part of this interview […]

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Amanda McCleery and Maureen McDermott

Welcome, Stable Secretary fans! We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your business, so each month, we will highlight our phenomenal customers in our new blog series: Stable Secretary Success Stories.    Ivy Hill Farm LLC, is a family owned and operated equestrian facility, located in Sewell, New Jersey. Managed by mother […]

Featured Stable: Robinson Performance Horses

We were so lucky to have the chance to talk to Tina Robinson of Robinson Performance Horses. She gave us some insight into how the Robinsons run their stable and care for their horses. Their attention to detail in horse care and training combined with their vast expertise and years of experience make them a […]

Stable Secretary Success Stories: Crystal McDonald 

Welcome, Stable Secretary fans! We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your business, so each month, we will highlight our phenomenal customers in our new blog series: Stable Secretary Success Stories. 

This month, we talked to Crystal McDonald from Lewisville, North Carolina. A mother of two and an avid horse person, […]

Stable Secretary Announces Software Advancements Set to Provide Peak Advantage for Subscribers to “Professional” Plans with Integration of QuickBooks Online

For Immediate Release 
New London, NH- June 24, 2018 – Stable Secretary, the innovative equestrian record keeping software system, has recently announced the inclusion of its most recent technology upgrade for users with QuickBooks Online. The integration makes it convenient for subscribers to the Stable Secretary “Professional” Plans to connect to their QuickBooks Online account […]

Featured Stable: Tibri

Annie Dotoli and her husband Aster Pieters created Tibri, a successful hunter/jumper show and sales stable located in Rhode Island. Their heartfelt dedication to their students and horses, their incredible work ethic, and their kindness are inspirational. Stable Secretary is grateful for all of the suggestions and feedback Annie has given to help make Stable […]

Featured Stable: L’Acadiane Equine Management

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Katie Robicheaux. Katie is the Head Dressage Trainer at L’Acadiane Equine Management (LAEM). LAEM offers both Dressage and Jumper training. Katie has been using Stable Secretary since 2015. We were interested in finding out how Stable Secretary helps her and her team manage their […]

Joint Injections

Wouldn’t it be helpful if a horse could say “Help! Something hurts here!”? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Galloping, leaping and sliding to a stop all can put an overwhelming amount of stress on a horse’s legs. Joints are made of up bone, cartilage, soft tissues and protective fluid- all of which can break down […]

Rider of the Month: Amanda Steege

In December, we talked to New Jersey based trainer, Amanda Steege. Amanda is the owner and head trainer at Ashmeadow Farm. She and her students have won tricolors at all of the biggest shows in the United States – and they also have a lot of fun in general! Ashmeadow nurtures a wonderful feeling of […]

All About Ulcers in Horses

Did you know that ulcers can affect up to two-thirds of all performance horses? Gastric ulcers, technically known as Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS), are very common in horses of any age. This is because horses have stomachs that are much smaller than other species’ stomachs and generally cannot handle large amounts of food. Horses […]

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